StudioHop was born out of the desire to incorporate more than one type of workout without having to pay multiple gym memberships.

StudioHop is an auto-renewing monthly membership to a variety of the best boutique fitness studios. Choose a membership plan that works best for your budget and lifestyle, and enjoy classes at studios across the city all under one membership rate. Once a member, you can seamlessly reserve classes from the StudioHop app or website. Book classes by searching for a single studio or filter classes based on activity, amenity or time of day. Once the class is booked, the reservation is added to your Schedule, where you can easily cancel or late cancel (less than 12 hours before the class starts) if necessary. You will be able to view 7-14 days of each studio’s schedule so you plan your week of workouts and stick to your goals. StudioHop memberships are month-to-month commitments and they can be downgraded, upgraded or placed on hold on a billing cycle (30-day period) basis. Download the StudioHop app from the App Store or Google Play today!

Living the StudioHop lifestyle means enjoying health, variety, and balance, which is why we’ve fused our curated list of Studios, Perks, exclusive fitness events and support from our amazing growing fitness communities all into one membership.

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