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You want a great workout, to feel good about yourself & see changes as a result. But you've got a social schedule that rivals Beyoncé and a commitment phobia that (despite your mom's best guilt trip) you just can't shake. This is why StudioHop was created. No more boring workouts. No more contracts. Just an easy way to be the most kick-a*s version of yourself.

StudioHop vs. Other Fitness Memberships

Gone are the days of “workout dread” - that feeling when your body takes you to the gym, but your mind is thinking “how can I get out of this?” Now you have the power to select, customize and create your own fitness routine right at your fingertips. But don't worry, all you have to do is pick the class and show up- each studio has already planned the best class to get you sweaty and keep you motivated.

Enjoy everything from Pilates to boxing classes, barre, indoor cycling, yoga and even unique workouts like rock climbing and dance cardio. Try something new or enjoy your favorites; the choice is always yours!

Ready to begin your new fitness journey? Let’s #hoptoit

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Member Perks

There's an entire aisle dedicated to energy bars at Whole Foods. Who has the time (or the money) to try all of those? Or what about that new thing everyone is talking about, something about freezing recovery? We get it, you're interested in those health and wellness trends, but you're not sure what's worth your time. That's where our exclusive Member Perk program comes in handy. We've partnered with our favorite brands and even scored you a special deal to try out some of those healthy bars or the freezing thing (called cryotherapy, and we've got that too!) You get access to all the Member Perks with your membership. Check out who we're working with!