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Will I be charged automatically after my first month is up?

Yes. All of our membership plans will automatically renew on your billing cycle date (2 weeks for Trials). You may choose to switch plans or place your account on hold from your Account page at any time.

When does my StudioHop membership begin?

Your membership plan begins the day you purchase. This will be considered your billing cycle date. Each plan will automatically renew the same day each month or the last day if there are less days in that month.

Does StudioHop have an app?

Yes! Our app is available for iPhone and Android users. Download today!
for iOS:
for Android:

What cities is StudioHop currently in?

We're in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and New Orleans. More cities to come. Want StudioHop in your city? Let us know here:

Does StudioHop have a trial week?

Yes, it's $10 for two weeks. Check it out on our pricing page, it's a perfect opportunity to dip your toes!

What should I do if I have issues booking or canceling a class?

In the rare occurrence that this happens, please contact StudioHop at All classes must be reserved through StudioHop. We do not reimburse drop-in fees.

Any other questions?

Email us at We’d love to chat!

How does the trial work?

The trial cost $10 and gives you 2 full weeks to attend 3 classes. You're allowed up to 1 visit per studio location, so you will not be able to repeat studios during your trial membership. This is a one-time use membership plan.

Can I go to more than one class per day?

Yes you can! You have 2 weeks, and you can use your 3 class visits as you please, but you may only visit each studio location once.

Are all studios available on the trial membership?

No, but almost every single studio is offered on the trial membership. There is a small list of studios who are not participating, but you can upgrade as soon as you're ready to book a class at one of those studios.

What's the Late Cancel and No Show policy?

If you No Show a class, you will be charged $15 and you will lose that class from your Trial (3 classes) until the following Monday when No Shows are charged (if that falls outside of your Trial, you will lose the visit and you will be charged the regular fee). If you Late Cancel a class, you'll be charged $12, and you will not lose that class from your Trial.

What happens at the end of the Trial?

After the 2 weeks are up, you'll automatically be upgraded to our 4 Visit Bundle unless you decide to upgrade to an 8 Visit Bundle or the StudioHop plan. You may also set your account to be on hold ($7/month) or cancel before the end of the trial.

Can I upgrade my membership plan before my 2 weeks is up?

Yes, upgrade at any time to load up on more classes. Your billing cycle date will change to the date that you upgrade. Note, if you upgrade before you have taken all of your classes, you will lose them.

Will I have access to the Member Perks?


Visit Bundles
How do the 4 Visit Bundles and 8 Visit Bundles work exactly?

4 Visit Bundles and 8 Visit Bundles are auto-renewing class packages that renew every month on your billing cycle date (the date you sign up). If you purchase the 4 Visit Bundle, you'll have 4 visits every billing cycle. The visits do not roll over month-to-month. You can visit studios 2 time per billing cycle (2 visit per location for studios with multiple locations). For 8 Visit Bundles, you'll have 8 total visits per billing cycle, and you may visit each studio up to 3 times per billing cycle. You can spread them out or take them all in one day, the choice is up to you. You may also upgrade at any time, and you can downgrade on your next billing cycle. Pick a plan that meets your needs!

P.S., If you want to exceed these limits in your current billing cycle, you can! Additional fees apply and you will be prompted at the time of booking.

If I Late Cancel or No Show while on a Visit Bundle, what happens?

If you No Show a class, you will lose that class from your Visit Bundle until the following Monday when No Shows are charged (if that falls into another billing cycle you lose the visit) and you will be charged our regular fee. If you Late Cancel a class, you'll be charged our regular fee, but you will not lose that class from your Visit Bundle.

Can I purchase a Visit Bundle in addition to my StudioHop Plan?

No. You may have 1 active membership at a time. However, should you use up all of your 4 or 8 classes in your Visit Bundle before the end of the month, you can either upgrade your Plan to continue hopping immediately or pay additional fees per class when you book them.

For Visit Bundles, can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

You may upgrade at any time and the plan change will be reflected immediately, but when downgrading, you will have to wait for the change to go in effect on your next billing cycle date. Also, make sure you have no future scheduled classes before upgrading because they will count towards your new plan.

Does StudioHop limit visits?

We limit 1 visit per day for the StudioHop Plan. All studios limit visits to 5 times per billing cycle. Our "Included Perk" studio, Mohler Cryotherapy, allows 1 visit per billing cycle. If you would like to exceed any of these limits, you can for an additional charge per class. You will be prompted at the time of booking.

Are there any class restrictions?

No, we don’t blackout any class times. StudioHop members enjoy full access to each of our studio partner’s schedules with the exception of certain advanced classes. There are a handful of studios who have a limited number of spaces in their classes for StudioHop members, but still keep every class time open.

We have thousands of options for you to choose from, but if you really want to get into a specific class that is full to StudioHop, you can for only $3, which will be charged at the time of booking.

How many reservations can I have at a time?

You may have 4 reservations booked at any given time. If you have 4 booked, you can attend a class or cancel a class to get another reservation to book. If you purchased the class individually through StudioHop, it will not count towards your 4 reservations.

Can I take classes in all cities StudioHop is located in?

Yes you can! You are allowed to attend up to 4 classes per billing cycle outside of your Home City. If you are moving, you can easily switch your Home City on your Profile Page. If you would like to attend more than 4 classes in another city, you may pay per class when booking.

Do the 5 class limits apply to each location or do I only get 5 visits across all locations? (ex: BEYOND, Classic Pilates, Zyn22)

You may visit EACH location 5 times per billing cycle on the StudioHop plan. If you book a class on your renewal date, check the exact time of day you signed up. If the class starts before then, it counts towards the current billing cycle. If the class starts after that time, it counts towards your next billing cycle.

Scheduling and Canceling
So how do I schedule my classes?

You can schedule classes through our website or through our mobile app! Once you’ve joined StudioHop, you’ll create a username, password and submit payment information. Once completed, you’ll then have access to ‘Reserve’ classes with our partnered studios. You can reserve classes through the Studio’s Tab or through the Classes Tab. Once you find a class you would like to attend, click ‘Reserve’ and then you’ll be asked to ‘Confirm your Reservation’. You will then need to click ‘Reserve Class’at the bottom of the prompt screen. To make sure this class has been added to your schedule, you can go check the ‘My Schedule’ Tab. All class reservations are made through your StudioHop account rather than each individual studio’s website.

How far in advance can I schedule a class?

We display schedules up to 14 days in advance and you can reserve classes within minutes of the class time. Some studios officially release their schedules 7 days in advance for booking but allow 14 days of classes to be displayed.

What if I need to cancel a class?

Classes can be cancelled at least 12 hours before the scheduled class without penalty (i.e. if a class is at 7pm, you will need to cancel by 7am or earlier). Classes considered Late Cancels* will incur a $12 fee and classes considered No Shows* will incur a $15 fee.
*Late Cancel Class = you cancel the class after the 12-hour window
*No Show Class = you don’t cancel the class and do not attend the class

If you schedule a class by mistake during the Late Cancel period and cancel out of it within 10 minutes you will not be charged.

How do I Late Cancel a class?

Once you're on the Schedule page on your account, simply click Late Cancel if you're canceling the class less than 12 hours before the start time.

If I Late Cancel a class at a studio with a 5 class limit, will that count towards the 5 classes?

No, your late cancelled class will not count towards the 5 class total. If you No Show for a class at a studio with the 5 class limit, then you will lose that class until you are charged for it on Mondays. Once you're charged for the No Show, you'll get that class back towards the 5 class limit.

Can I get a refund for Late Cancel or No Show charges?

It depends.

Illness, injury or a more important life event are not refundable excuses. Unfortunately, everyone has stuff happen to them, but just like airline tickets, if you want a refundable ticket, it will cost a whole lot more.

Each studio's policy varies, but most excuses are not refundable because the studios are unable to refill your spot with a paying member on such short notice.

The only time we refund these charges are if:

The class is canceled or the Instructor no shows
Weather forces the studio or the local school district to close
The charge was made in error (you actually attended and the studio confirms)

Can I schedule classes outside of any StudioHop limits?

Absolutely, you will be prompted to purchase the class at the time of booking. The price is set by the Studio and will vary between $12 and $35 per class. You will be refunded the full amount if you cancel the class. There is no additional fee for Late Canceling or No Showing the class, but those fees will be deducted from the amount you paid.

Why are some classes only full to StudioHop members?

Studios reserve spots for their own members and this is how we are able to provide a membership with access to all our partners. Don't worry, we provide access to a large portion of each studio's spots and in many cases, all of them. The good news is, you can still get in to those popular class times for only $3 at the time of booking through our Priority Spot Program. Late Cancels and No Show fees still apply, but you will be credited back the $3 when charged.

Managing the Membership
Can I put my StudioHop membership on hold?

Yes, you can place your account on hold at any time. Just head to your Account page and select 1 month up to as many months as you'd like. You’ll be charged a reduced fee of $7 per billing cycle to avoid the $30 reactivation fee. No class visits during the hold.

Can I unhold my account at any time?

Yes you can! Click to your Account page to unhold your account at any time. Partial holds will not be prorated.

How do I cancel my membership?

Just give us at least 48 hours notice. Head to your Account page and click "Cancel Account". You will be charged a $20 late cancellation fee if canceled within 48 hours before renewal date and time (dd/hh/mm). Anytime after that or if you attend a class during your new month, the membership is non-refundable. You may not cancel your first month of StudioHop and if you do terminate your membership, there is a $30 reactivation fee if you want to return in future months.

How do I reactivate my StudioHop account?

Log back into your account, update billing info if needed and click "Reactivate Account" to hop back to it immediately or "Schedule Reactivation" if you want your account to reactivate in the future.

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