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StudioHop is an all-in-one fitness membership to the best boutique gyms in your city.

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StudioHop [stoo-dee-oh-hop]: A monthly membership to a curated list of the best fitness studios in town. No blackout class times.
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I wasn't feeling comfortable in my own skin and knew I needed to make a lifestyle change. When I discovered StudioHop and all its glory I couldn’t have found a better choice of membership to find myself again. The variety of classes and studios keeps me committed, energized and inspired.

- Carrie Sellars, Member since January 2017

Each time I finish a class, I leave empowered, grounded and appreciate the opportunity to show myself love and compassion.

- Chelsi McLain, Member since November 2016

StudioHop was an avenue into fitness that really transformed the way I worked out. Hoppin' allowed me to discover new studios and new things that I would have never gotten into. I've lost 45 pounds and feel better than ever before.

- MJ Dinino, Member since March 2017

Before StudioHop, I had struggled to lose weight, I had plateaued in my work out routine, and I absolutely dreaded working out. StudioHop allowed me to diversify my work out routine, keep my work out routine fun, develop great relationships with studio members, and lose AND keep off 15 lbs since joining! I feel stronger, more confident, and happier in my life. I look forward to every class that I sign up for and StudioHop has certainly helped me develop a more healthy lifestyle change. I am absolutely thankful for and LOVE StudioHop!

- Tessa Ambriz, Member since November 2016

StudioHop has helped me become a more productive and driven individual. Instead of getting to work 15 minutes late each day, I go to the 6AM classes then get to work 30 minutes early. Working out first thing in the morning gives me energy all day, encourages me to eat healthier, it boosts my mood and makes me an all-around better person. I am so thankful StudioHop came into my life! It’s so important to me.

- Brianne Dondlinger, Member since June 2015

I'm a former Professional Ballerina and Romana's Pilates Instructor, but still a mover and a shaker in all aspects of life…especially through exercise! I've always had a passion for movement. My body craves movement, sweat and most importantly, variety. And StudioHop both provides and encourages all of this (and more)! I StudioHop because I choose to be even better than I was yesterday. Now, let's #hoptoit!

- Lauren Reed Finegan, Member since March 2017

Getting into better shape with StudioHop has boosted my confidence, triggering a deeper respect and care for the body God gave me and what it can accomplish. As I grow more confident and see what other StudioHop members are doing, I am inspired to try new things with them, and I conquer goals I never considered before.

- Katherine Boomer, Member since January 2016

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