Tue, 27th - 10:30 AM
60 min
Vinyasa Yoga

Heat level: 95 degrees

Age/experience level: Ages 12 and up; beginner to advanced

A great Vinyasa flow is one of life’s most expansive experiences. We all share the energy in the room in this dynamic flowing practice. Every choreography is different in a Vinyasa class to keep you challenged and looking forward to what comes next. Your breath, the postures, the music, your teacher, and your fellow yogis together create a meditative experience to nourish your body, mind, and soul. And if this isn’t enough of the good stuff, there’s more! You will be increasing flexibility, building muscle strength, developing balance, and burning calories. You will also enjoy the sweat…amazing, but yes, you will find sweating eliminates toxins, rejuvenates your skin, and just makes you feel like at the end of class, you have really done something great for yourself. Come regularly and be amazed at the transformation!
Jay La Vie
Changing Rooms
Free Parking
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