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Meet Team StudioHop The Team

We are the team behind-the-scenes here at StudioHop HQ! We’re just a bunch of fitness obsessed, green juice loving and #chipsandqueso kind of people. We believe that balance is the most important part of any lifestyle. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we’re firm believers in celebrating every moment life has to offer—whether it be sweating our hearts out at cycling class or a treating ourselves to our favorite local popsicle shop. Hopping around to all our favorite studios has given us a way to stay motivated and focused on our fitness goals while not getting bored, and we hope it does the same for you!

Natalie Wolfe


Natalie is the HBIC (Head Bunny In Charge) at StudioHop HQ. Born in Dallas, raised in Austin, she graduated from Southern Methodist University with degrees in journalism and Spanish. Natalie is in charge of aligning the brand with the best studios in each city, cultivating the StudioHop community, researching new markets and making sure we’re providing the best possible product for StudioHop members and studio partners. She's passionate about variety (and we’re talking fitness studios, restaurants/bars, and everything in between) and is serious about balance: green juice now, champagne later. Her goal is to make “working out” fun, friendly and accessible. Natalie loves long walks on the Katy Trail with her husband Ryan and puppy Annabelle (unfortunately Dallas is landlocked), weekend getaways to her hometown Austin, Texas and spends way too much time scrolling through Instagram.

Ryan Wolfe


Ryan is the guy who deals with numbers, strategy and makes sure StudioHop is running smoothly. He grew up in the jungle in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and came to the U.S. for high school. Ryan attended Southern Methodist University where he received degrees in finance and economics. He constantly researches and reads all things technology, so don’t try to challenge him to a round of trivia (but you’ll get him on the pop culture questions). Ryan loves reading, snuggling his pup Annabelle and exploring new cities. His favorite meal in Dallas is a Mambo Taxi (or two) with the Cocina Changa.

Emily Kavy

Director of Business Development

Emily is the resident brunette at StudioHop HQ (and proud of it). Born in San Antonio, Emily moved to Dallas to attend Southern Methodist University where she earned a degree in economic sociology and in Spanish. Emily is in charge of adding all of your favorite studios to the StudioHop platform and can often be found driving up and down I-35 exploring studios and healthy lunch spots. Emily's passion for fitness has expanded from a yoga-only routine to a love of HIIT, Spin, Reformer, and Dance Fitness classes. When she's not working up a sweat at one of our studios (or prospective studios), Emily can likely be found munching on dark chocolate, granola or crafting her next project for around the home.

Paige Martindell

Creative Lead

Paige is the creative and visual queen at StudioHop. Originally a Kansas girl (they tend to follow us to Dallas), Paige graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in graphic design. She works on design, branding, marketing, photography and all things StudioHop. She is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle from being an instructor at The Ride House (Tuesdays at 5:30am and Sundays at 8:30am!) to regularly taking time to do the things she loves and are good for her mind, body and soul. Paige has never met a stranger in her life, and she loves flowers, cookie dough, her cats Leonard and Mae, candles, the great outdoors and a healthy dose of perfectly styled Instagram posts.

Chase Hilbert

Director of Technology

No one is sure what Chase does, but he has, at times, been seen managing StudioHop’s technology, fixing bugs, providing strategy and support, and working with our studios. He lives in Dallas, with his wife, two daughters, and his Vizsla. Chase can usually be found drinking a pour over, studying to be a home enthusiast paleo chef, and is a little obsessed with boxing.

Steve Hanson

Lead Software Engineer

Steve probably exercises least of the StudioHop team, but that doesn’t mean he’s not enthusiastic about StudioHop’s mission! He loves the idea of working out and swears he’ll get into it tomorrow. Steve lives in Austin with his wife and can usually be found drinking coffee or eating breakfast tacos from Tacodeli when he isn’t building new features for StudioHop... and sometimes even while he is.

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