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Yoga for Athletes-Yoga for Athletes is not athletic yoga, meaning expert level yogi. Yoga for athletes is meant for recovery of the student who trains hard for whatever their sport is. Poses are meant to target athlete’s needs for regenerative and restorative action versus flexibility. The class is a flow class and lower intensity for those athletes or stiff guy or gals that need some TLC. Runners, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Personal Trained athletes, you name the sport, this is the yoga for you.

Vinyasa Flow- Vinyasa Flow is a breath and movement harmony that defines this fluid style of yoga. Dynamic and flowing, vinyasa yoga does not follow a strictly defined sequence of postures, but is a series of movements that warm the body up and builds intensity throughout the class.

Vibe by Vive - A total body cardio dance workout set to the latest Hip Hop and Pop music. This class will Rev up your metabolism, torch calories, and finish you off with unique sculpting moves that will tone your abs, arms, legs , and glutes. Get ready to unleash your inner video vixen...GET READY TO VIBE!

  • Bottled Water
  • Personal Storage
Activities Offered
  • Yoga
  • Dance
What to Expect
  • This is a personal training studio that offers some awesome yoga and dance group classes.
  • Ask about personal training with their awesome staff if you're interested!
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