Introducing brand new membership options!

Our brand new tiered memberships are here! We're giving you the freedom to work out at your favorite places more often. More studios, more flexibility, more visits, way more fun.

Access to the best studios with every plan.

Use the filters below to see which studios are in each tier. Don't worry! You'll get access to all studios regardless of tier, but you'll get to go to the studios in your own tier and below more often!

Have any other questions? See below for the most frequently asked questions.

Variety $125, 5 visits to every studio location and 10 to Variety tier studios

Core $150, 5 visits to every studio location and 10 to Variety and Core tier studios

Challenge $175, 5 visits to every studio location and 10 to Variety, Core and Challenge tier studios

Enthusiast $200, 10 visits to all locations

You can stay right where you are and keep your five visits to each studio or downgrade to the $125 tier, which would give you 10 visits to any of the studios in that tier and 5 visits to each of the studios in the tiers above. You can also upgrade to any of the other tiers, it all depends on your workout preference.

You can upgrade when you’re ready, but just email and our support team will refund the difference, effectively pro-rating your first month.

Yes! The number of visits you're allowed (either 5 or 10 per studio) can be used all in one day, week or month. Spread them out however you'd like and double up in a day if you want.

Yes, and 10 times per month to each studio in your tier and below!

Up to 5 times each per billing cycle. If you'd like to frequent any studio more than 5 times, just be sure you upgrade to that studio's tier. So if you're in the Variety tier and your favorite studios are in the Core tier, be sure to upgrade to Core so you can go to your favorites up to 10 times per month.

Yes, after 20 visits in your billing cycle you will be prompted to pay for add-on classes. Late Cancels and No Shows do not count towards your 20 total visits.

If you want to visit studios more than 5 times per month, you'll want to upgrade to the tier your favorite studios are in. If you upgrade to the Enthusiast tier ($200), you'll have the ultimate fitness membership. You'll be able to visit every studio up to 10 times per month.

The Variety tier ($125) is almost exactly the same. You get 5 visits per studio location to the tiers above you, and 10 visits to the studios in the Variety tier--and you get to save $10!

Yes! We are increasing it from 4 to 7 reservations at a time.

Yes. Once you've reached your 5 visits per billing cycle at a studio in a tier higher than you, you'll be prompted to purchase an Add-On class or upgrade to a higher tier. You will also be prompted to pay add-ons once you hit 20 classes for your billing cycle.

Pretty much! You'll be able to visit any studio up to 10 times per month with a maximum of 20 visits for your billing period. After that you must pay the add-on classes prices that studios set.

Yes, just like members, they have the choice to move around. We will send out notifications of those changes when and if they happen. Don't worry; studios will not be moving around all that often.