Fort Worth, TX

The Sanctuary Yoga Room - Clearfork


At The Sanctuary Yoga Room, we have created an entire community that thrives on Transformational Yoga. This yoga is rooted in the ability to truly hear and listen to that innate intelligence that moves within all living things and knows exactly how to heal you in any given moment. We offer a combination of styles and classes that are meant to create balance for each student - the balance of function and form, power and flexibility. This starts with learning how to be present in moments of discomfort and learning how to choose your way of being, even when you're challenged - you can still choose to be kind, open, supple and joyful. That's transformation. We would be honored to share our passion with you! Come take a class!

  • Changing Rooms
  • Free Gear Rental
  • Personal Storage
  • Free Parking
Activities Offered
  • Yoga
What to Expect
  • A variety of incredible yoga classes — from strength based, to relaxation
  • Amazing teachers with a wealth of knowledge
  • To be spoiled rotten — water, free sweat towels, yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, straps, etc
  • Two gorgeous locations that are dreamy beyond measure
  • Loads of fun workshops, retreats, and trainings with international yoga celebrities on occasion
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